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quiz.php File Reference

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 $field = $gravityview_view->getCurrentField()
 $gravityview_view = GravityView_View::getInstance()
if(gv_empty($field['value'])) if(!class_exists('GFQuiz')) $show_answer = rgars( $field, 'field_settings/quiz_show_explanation' )
$field['field'] gquizShowAnswerExplanation = ! empty( $show_answer )

Variable Documentation

$field = $gravityview_view->getCurrentField()

Definition at line 11 of file quiz.php.

$gravityview_view = GravityView_View::getInstance()

Definition at line 9 of file quiz.php.

if (gv_empty($field['value'])) if (!class_exists('GFQuiz')) $show_answer = rgars( $field, 'field_settings/quiz_show_explanation' )

Definition at line 24 of file quiz.php.

$field ['field'] gquizShowAnswerExplanation = ! empty( $show_answer )

Definition at line 27 of file quiz.php.