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date.php File Reference

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 $gravityview_view = GravityView_View::getInstance()
if($value=== '1970-01-01') if(!empty($field_settings)&&!empty($field_settings['date_display'])&&!empty($value)) else
 Unix Epoch probably isn't what you're looking for. More...

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$gravityview_view = GravityView_View::getInstance()

Definition at line 9 of file date.php.

if ($value=== '1970-01-01') if (!empty($field_settings)&&!empty($field_settings['date_display'])&&!empty($value)) else
Initial value:
static date_display($value= '', $date_format= 'mdy', $field_id=0)
Get the default date format for a field based on the field ID and the time format setting...
Definition: time.php:17
Definition: gquiz_grade.php:11

Unix Epoch probably isn't what you're looking for.


Definition at line 37 of file date.php.