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deprecated/table-body.php File Reference

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 $alt = empty( $alt ) ? 'alt' : ''
 $class = apply_filters( 'gravityview_entry_class', $alt, $entry, $this )
if(0===$this->getTotalEntries()) else

Variable Documentation

◆ $alt

$alt = empty( $alt ) ? 'alt' : ''

Definition at line 40 of file deprecated/table-body.php.

◆ $class

$class = apply_filters( 'gravityview_entry_class', $alt, $entry, $this )
Runs Filter:
gravityview_entry_class Modify the class applied to the entry row
string$altExisting class. Default: if odd row, alt, otherwise empty string.
array$entryCurrent entry being displayed
\GravityView_View$thisCurrent GravityView_View object

Definition at line 48 of file deprecated/table-body.php.

◆ else

if (0===$this->getTotalEntries()) else
Initial value:
foreach( $this->getEntries() as $entry ) :
$this->setCurrentEntry( $entry )
Definition: notes.php:27

Definition at line 33 of file deprecated/table-body.php.

◆ endforeach


Definition at line 75 of file deprecated/table-body.php.