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gquiz_percent.php File Reference

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 $field = GravityView_View::getInstance()->getCurrentField()
if(gv_empty($field['value'], false, false)) $format = apply_filters('gravityview/field/quiz_percent/format', '%d%%')

Variable Documentation

$field = GravityView_View::getInstance()->getCurrentField()

Definition at line 9 of file gquiz_percent.php.

if (gv_empty($field['value'], false, false)) $format = apply_filters('gravityview/field/quiz_percent/format', '%d%%')
Runs Filter:
gravityview/field/quiz_percent/format Modify the format of the display of Quiz Score (Percent) field.
See also For formatting guide
string$formatFormat passed to printf() function. Default d%%, which prints as "{number}%". Notice the double %%, this prints a literal '' character.

Definition at line 21 of file gquiz_percent.php.

Referenced by GravityView_Field_List\column_value(), GravityView_API\field_value(), GravityView_API\field_width(), GVCommon\format_date(), GravityView_Widget_Search\get_date_field_format(), GravityView_Widget_Search\get_formatted_date(), and GravityView_Edit_Entry_User_Registration\match_current_display_name().