GravityView  1.22.6
The best, easiest way to display Gravity Forms entries on your website.
Global $allowed_html
gravityview/fields/textarea/allowed_kses Allow the following HTML tags and strip everything else.
Global $back_link
gravityview/edit_entry/cancel_link Modify the cancel button link URL
Global $class
gravityview_entry_class Modify the class applied to the entry row
Global $default_option

gravityview/extension/search/select_default Define the text for the default option in a select (multi or single dropdown)

gravityview/extension/search/select_default Define the text for the default option in a select (multi or single dropdown)

Global $entry
gravityview_excerpt_more Modify the "Read more" link used when "Maximum Words" setting is enabled and the output is truncated
Global $field_settings ['content']
gravityview/fields/custom/content_before Modify Custom Content field output before Merge Tag processing
Global $format
gravityview/field/quiz_percent/format Modify the format of the display of Quiz Score (Percent) field.
Global $labels
gravityview/edit_entry/button_labels Modify the cancel/submit buttons' labels
Global $links_label
gravityview/extension/search/links_label Change the label for the "Link" search bar input type
Global $links_sep
gravityview/extension/search/links_sep Change what separates search bar "Link" input type links
Global $show_label
gravityview/fields/select/output_label Override whether to show the value or the label of a Select field
Global app_settings_fields ()
gravityview/settings/extension/sections Modify the GravityView settings page Extensions can tap in here to insert their own section and settings. $sections[] = array( 'title' => __( 'GravityView My Extension Settings', 'gravityview' ), 'fields' => $settings, );
Global Entry::get_endpoint_name ()
gravityview_directory_endpoint Change the slug used for single entries
Namespace GravityView

gravityview_field_tick Change the output for a checkbox "check" symbol. Default is the "dashicons-yes" icon

gravityview/fields/custom/decode_shortcodes Decode brackets in shortcodes

gravityview/fields/date/hide_epoch Whether to hide 1970-01-01 dates; that is normally an erroneous date. Return false to show value. Use __return_false callback.

gravityview/fields/list/column-format Format of single list column output of a List field with Multiple Columns enabled

Global GravityView_Admin::is_admin_page ( $hook='', $page=NULL)
gravityview_is_admin_page Is the current admin page a GravityView-related page?
Global GravityView_Admin_ApproveEntries::filter_links_entry_list ( $filter_links=array(), $form=array(), $include_counts=true)
gravityview/approve_entries/show_filter_links_entry_list Disable filter links
Global GravityView_Admin_ApproveEntries::get_bulk_actions ( $form_id)
gravityview/approve_entries/bulk_actions Modify the GravityView "Bulk action" dropdown list. Return an empty array to hide.
Global GravityView_Admin_ApproveEntries::show_approve_entry_column ( $form_id)

gravityview/approve_entries/hide-if-no-connections Return true to hide reject/approve if there are no connected Views

gravityview/approve_entries/show-column Override whether the column is shown

Global GravityView_Admin_Duplicate_View::create_duplicate ( $post, $status='')

gravityview/duplicate-view/status Modify the default status for a new View. Return empty for the new View to inherit existing View status

gravityview/duplicate-view/copy-date When copying a View, should the date also be copied?

gravityview/duplicate-view/new-view Modify View configuration before creating the duplicated View.

Global GravityView_Admin_Duplicate_View::get_clone_view_link ( $id=0, $context='display', $draft=true)
gravityview/duplicate-view/get_clone_view_link Modify the Clone View URL that is generated
Global GravityView_Admin_Metaboxes::add_settings_metabox_tabs ()
gravityview/metaboxes/default Modify the default settings metabox tabs
Global GravityView_Admin_No_Conflict::remove_conflicts (&$wp_objects, $required_objects, $type='scripts')
gravityview_noconflict_{$type} Modify the list of no conflict scripts or styles
Filter is gravityview_noconflict_scripts or gravityview_noconflict_styles
Global GravityView_Admin_Notices::admin_notice ()
gravityview/admin/notices Modify the notices displayed in the admin
Global GravityView_Admin_View_Item::get_item_info ( $html=true)
gravityview_admin_label_item_info Tap in to modify the field information displayed next to an item
Global GravityView_Admin_Views::get_connected_form_links ( $form, $include_form_link=true)
gravityview_connected_form_links Modify the links shown in the Connected Form links
Global GravityView_Admin_Views::get_entry_default_fields ($form, $zone)
gravityview_entry_default_fields Modify the default fields for each zone and context
Global GravityView_Admin_Views::get_registered_widgets ()
gravityview_register_directory_widgets Get the list of registered widgets. Each item is used to instantiate a GravityView_Admin_View_Widget object
Global GravityView_Admin_Views::render_additional_fields ( $form=0, $context='single')
gravityview_additional_fields non-standard Fields to show at the bottom of the field picker
Global GravityView_Admin_Views::render_available_fields ( $form=0, $context='single')
gravityview_blacklist_field_types Modify the types of fields that shouldn't be shown in a View.
Global GravityView_Admin_Views::render_directory_active_areas ( $template_id='', $context='single', $post_id='', $echo=false)
Global GravityView_Admin_Views::tooltips ( $tooltips=array())
gravityview_tooltips The tooltips GravityView adds to the Gravity Forms tooltip array
Global GravityView_API::directory_link ( $post_id=NULL, $add_query_args=true)
gravityview_directory_link Modify the URL to the View "directory" context
Global GravityView_API::entry_create_custom_slug ( $entry, $form)
gravityview_custom_entry_slug On entry creation, check if we are using the custom entry slug feature and update the meta
Global GravityView_API::entry_link_html ( $entry=array(), $anchor_text='', $passed_tag_atts=array(), $field_settings=array())
gravityview_field_entry_link Modify the link HTML
Global GravityView_API::field_label ( $field, $entry=array(), $force_show_label=false)

gravityview_render_after_label Append content to a field label

gravityview/template/field_label Modify field label output

Global GravityView_API::field_value ( $entry, $field_settings, $format='html')

gravityview_field_entry_value_{$field_type}_pre_link Modify the field value output for a field type before Show As Link setting is applied. Example: gravityview_field_entry_value_number_pre_link

gravityview_field_entry_value_pre_link Modify the field value output for a field before Show As Link setting is applied. Example: gravityview_field_entry_value_pre_link

gravityview_field_entry_value_{$field_type} Modify the field value output for a field type. Example: gravityview_field_entry_value_number

gravityview_field_entry_value Modify the field value output for all field types

Global GravityView_API::get_custom_entry_slug ( $id, $entry=array())
gravityview_entry_slug Modify the unique hash ID generated, if you want to improve usability or change the format. This will allow for custom URLs, such as {entryid}-{first-name} or even, if unique, {first-name}-{last-name}
Global GravityView_API::get_entry_slug ( $id_or_string, $entry=array())
gravityview_custom_entry_slug Whether to enable and use custom entry slugs.
Global GravityView_API::no_results ($wpautop=true)
gravitview_no_entries_text Modify the text displayed when there are no entries.
Global gravityview_back_link ()

gravityview_go_back_url Modify the back link URL

gravityview_go_back_label Modify the back link text

Global GravityView_Cache::schedule_transient_cleanup ()
gravityview_cleanup_transients Override GravityView cleanup of transients by setting this to false
Global GravityView_Cache::set ( $content, $filter_name='')
gravityview_cache_time_{$filter_name} Modify the cache time for a type of cache
Global GravityView_Cache::use_cache ()
gravityview_use_cache Modify whether to use the cache or not
Global GravityView_Change_Entry_Creator::__construct ()
gravityview_disable_change_entry_creator Disable the Change Entry Creator functionality
Global GravityView_Change_Entry_Creator::assign_new_user_to_lead ( $user_id, $config, $entry=array(), $password='')
gravityview_disable_change_entry_creator_note Disable adding a note when changing the entry creator
Global GravityView_Delete_Entry::add_delete_button ( $form=array(), $entry=array(), $view_id=NULL)
gravityview/delete-entry/show-delete-button Should the Delete button be shown in the Edit Entry screen?
Global GravityView_Delete_Entry::display_message ( $current_view_id=0)
gravityview/delete-entry/message Modify the Delete Entry messages
Global GravityView_Delete_Entry::get_confirm_dialog ()
gravityview/delete-entry/confirm-text Modify the Delete Entry Javascript confirmation text
Global GravityView_Delete_Entry::get_delete_mode ()
gravityview/delete-entry/mode Delete mode: permanently delete, or move to trash?
Global GravityView_Delete_Entry::process_connected_posts ( $entry_id=0, $entry=array())
gravityview/delete-entry/delete-connected-post Should posts connected to an entry be deleted when the entry is deleted?
Global GravityView_Delete_Entry::verify_nonce ()
gravityview/delete-entry/verify_nonce Override Delete Entry nonce validation. Return true to declare nonce valid.
Global GravityView_Edit_Entry::check_user_cap_edit_entry ( $entry, $view_id=0)
gravityview/edit_entry/user_can_edit_entry Modify whether user can edit an entry.
Global GravityView_Edit_Entry::get_field_blacklist ( $entry=array())
gravityview/edit_entry/field_blacklist Array of fields that should not be displayed in Edit Entry
Global GravityView_Edit_Entry_Render::edit_entry_form ()
gravityview_edit_entry_title Modify the edit entry title
Global GravityView_Edit_Entry_Render::filter_admin_only_fields ( $fields=array(), $edit_fields=null, $form=array(), $view_id=0)

gravityview/edit_entry/use_gf_admin_only_setting When Edit tab isn't configured, should the Gravity Forms "Admin Only" field settings be used to control field display to non-admins? Default: true If the Edit Entry tab is not configured, adminOnly fields will not be shown to non-administrators. If the Edit Entry tab is configured, adminOnly fields will be shown to non-administrators, using the configured GV permissions

gravityview/edit_entry/use_gf_visibility_setting When Edit tab isn't configured, should the Gravity Forms "Visibility" field settings be used to control field display? Default: true If the Edit Entry tab is not configured, Administrative fields will not be shown to non-administrators. If the Edit Entry tab is configured, Administrative fields will be shown to non-administrators, using the configured GV permissions

gravityview/edit_entry/make_all_fields_visible Set field visibility to "visible" for all fields

Global GravityView_Edit_Entry_Render::filter_conditional_logic ( $form)
gravityview/edit_entry/conditional_logic Should the Edit Entry form use Gravity Forms conditional logic showing/hiding of fields?
Global GravityView_Edit_Entry_Render::get_configured_edit_fields ( $form, $view_id)
gravityview/edit_entry/form_fields Modify the fields displayed in Edit Entry form
Global GravityView_Edit_Entry_Render::get_field_value ( $field)

gravityview/edit_entry/pre_populate/override Allow the pre-populated value to override saved value in Edit Entry form. By default, pre-populate mechanism only kicks on empty fields.

gravityview/edit_entry/field_value Change the value of an Edit Entry field, if needed

gravityview/edit_entry/field_value_{field_type} Change the value of an Edit Entry field for a specific field type

Global GravityView_Edit_Entry_Render::maybe_print_message ()
gravityview/edit_entry/success Modify the edit entry success message (including the anchor link)
Global GravityView_Edit_Entry_Render::unset_hidden_field_values ()
gravityview/edit_entry/unset_hidden_field_values Whether to delete values of fields hidden by conditional logic
Global GravityView_Edit_Entry_Render::verify_nonce ()
gravityview/edit_entry/verify_nonce Override Edit Entry nonce validation. Return true to declare nonce valid.
Global GravityView_Edit_Entry_Render::verify_user_can_edit_post ( $field_content='', $field, $value, $lead_id=0, $form_id)

gravityview/edit_entry/unsupported_post_field_text Modify the message when someone isn't able to edit a post

gravityview/edit_entry/no_post_text Modify the message when someone is editing an entry attached to a post that no longer exists

Global GravityView_Edit_Entry_User_Registration::add_hooks ()
gravityview/edit_entry/user_registration/trigger_update Choose whether to update user information via User Registration add-on when an entry is updated?
Global GravityView_Edit_Entry_User_Registration::restore_display_name ( $user_id=0, $config=array(), $entry=array(), $password='')
gravityview/edit_entry/restore_display_name Whether display names should be restored to before updating an entry. Otherwise, display names will be reset to the format specified in Gravity Forms User Registration "Update" feed
Global GravityView_Entry_Approval::add_approval_status_updated_note ( $entry_id, $approved=0)
gravityview/approve_entries/add-note Add a note when the entry has been approved or disapproved?
Global GravityView_Entry_List::get_item_output ( $entry)

gravityview/entry-list/after-link Modify the content displayed after the entry link in an entry list

gravityview/entry-list/item Modify each item's output in an entry list

Global GravityView_Entry_List::get_output ()
gravityview/widget/recent-entries/output Modify the HTML of the Recent Entries widget output
Global GravityView_Entry_Notes::add_note ( $lead_id, $user_id, $user_name, $note='', $note_type='gravityview')
gravityview/entry_notes/add_note Modify note values before added using GFFormsModel::add_note()
Global GravityView_Entry_Notes::get_notes ( $entry_id)
gravityview/entry_notes/get_notes Modify the notes array for an entry
Global GravityView_Field::field_support_options ()

gravityview_date_format Override the date format with a PHP date format

gravityview_field_support_options Modify the settings that a field supports

Global GravityView_Field_Date::date_display ( $value='', $date_format='mdy', $field_id=0)
gravityview_date_format Whether to override the Gravity Forms date format with a PHP date format
Global GravityView_Field_Entry_Approval::maybe_prevent_field_render ( $html, $args)
gravityview/template/field_label Modify field label output
Global GravityView_Field_Entry_Approval::register_scripts_and_styles ()
gravityview/field/approval/css_url URL to the Approval field CSS file.
Global GravityView_Field_Is_Approved::add_default_field ( $entry_default_fields, $form, $zone)
Global GravityView_Field_Notes::display_note ( $note, $show_delete=false)
gravityview/field/notes/content Modify the note content before rendering in the template
Global GravityView_Field_Notes::get_note_email_fields ( $entry_slug='')
gravityview/field/notes/custom-email Whether to include a Custom Email option for users to define a custom email to mail notes to
Global GravityView_Field_Notes::get_note_emails_array ()
gravityview/field/notes/emails Modify the dropdown values displayed in the "Also email note to" dropdown
Global GravityView_Field_Notes::maybe_send_entry_notes ( $note=false, $entry, $data)

gravityview/field/notes/email_content Modify the values passed when sending a note email

gravityview/field/notes/wpautop_email Should the message content have paragraphs added automatically, if using HTML message format

Global GravityView_Field_Notes::strings ( $key='')
gravityview/field/notes/strings Modify the text used in the Entry Notes field. Sanitized by esc_html after return.
Global gravityview_field_output ( $passed_args)

gravityview/field_output/args Modify the args before generation begins

gravityview/field_output/pre_html Allow Pre filtering of the HTML

gravityview/field_output/open_tag Modify the opening tags for the template content placeholders

gravityview/field_output/close_tag Modify the closing tags for the template content placeholders

gravityview/field_output/html Modify field HTML output

Global GravityView_Field_Post_Category::set_post_categories ( $form=array(), $entry_id=0)
gravityview/edit_entry/post_categories/append Should post categories be added to or replaced?
Global GravityView_Field_Post_Content::get_field_input ( $form, $value='', $entry=null, GF_Field_Post_Content $field)
gravityview/edit_entry/post_content/wp_editor_settings Modify the settings passed to the Post Content wp_editor()
Global GravityView_Field_Product::should_hide_product_fields ( $entry=array())
gravityview/edit_entry/hide-product-fields Hide product fields from being editable
Global gravityview_format_link ( $value=null)

gravityview_anchor_text_striphttp Strip scheme from the displayed URL?

gravityview_anchor_text_stripwww Strip www from the domain?

gravityview_anchor_text_nosubdomain Strip subdomains from the domain?

gravityview_anchor_text_rootonly Display link path going only to the base directory, not a sub-directory or file?

gravityview_anchor_text_noquerystring Strip the query string from the end of the URL?

Global GravityView_frontend::_override_sorting_id_by_field_type ( $sort_field_id, $form_id)

gravityview/sorting/full-name Override how to sort when sorting full name.

gravityview/sorting/time Override how to sort when sorting time

Global GravityView_frontend::add_scripts_and_styles ()

gravity_view_lightbox_script Override the lightbox script to enqueue. Default: thickbox

gravity_view_lightbox_style Modify the lightbox CSS slug. Default: thickbox

gravityview_js_localization Modify the array passed to wp_localize_script()

Global GravityView_frontend::comments_open ( $open, $post_id)
gravityview/comments_open Whether to set comments to open or closed.
Global GravityView_frontend::enqueue_default_style ( $css_dependencies=array())
gravityview_use_legacy_search_css Should GravityView use the legacy Search Bar stylesheet (from before Version 1.17)?
Global GravityView_frontend::get_search_criteria ( $args, $form_id)

gravityview_fe_search_criteria Modify the search criteria

gravityview_status Modify entry status requirements to be included in search results.

Global GravityView_frontend::get_search_criteria_paging ( $args)
gravityview_default_page_size The default number of entries displayed in a View
Global GravityView_frontend::is_field_sortable ( $field_id='', $form=array())
gravityview/sortable/field_blacklist Modify what fields should never be sortable.
Global GravityView_frontend::render_view ( $passed_args)

gravityview_direct_access Should Views be directly accessible, or only visible using the shortcode?

gravityview/render/entry/not_visible Modify the message shown to users when the entry doesn't exist or they aren't allowed to view it.

Global GravityView_frontend::single_entry_title ( $title, $passed_post_id=null)
gravityview/single/title/out_loop Apply the Single Entry Title filter outside the WordPress loop?
Global gravityview_get_context ()
gravityview_is_edit_entry Whether we're currently on the Edit Entry screen
The Edit Entry functionality overrides this value.
Global gravityview_get_map_link ( $address)
gravityview_map_link Modify the map link generated. You can use a different mapping service, for example.
Global gravityview_get_registered_templates ()
gravityview_register_directory_template Fetch available View templates
Global gravityview_get_terms_choices ( $args=array())
gravityview_get_terms_choices_args Modify the arguments passed to get_terms()
Global GravityView_Image::html ()
gravityview_image_html Filter the HTML image output
Global GravityView_Image::set_image_size ( $string=NULL, $width=NULL, $height=NULL)
gravityview_image_sizes Modify the image size presets used by GravityView_Image class
Global GravityView_Image::validate_image_src ()
gravityview_image_extensions Extensions that GravityView recognizes as valid images to be shown in an img tag
Global GravityView_Merge_Tags::replace_get_variables ( $text, $form=array(), $entry=array(), $url_encode=false)

gravityview/merge_tags/get/glue/ Modify the glue used to convert an array of {get} values from an array to string

gravityview/merge_tags/get/esc_html/{url parameter name} Disable esc_html() from running on {get} merge tag By default, all values passed through URLs will be escaped for security reasons. If for some reason you want to pass HTML in the URL, for example, you will need to return false on this filter. It is strongly recommended that you do not disable this filter.

gravityview/merge_tags/get/esc_html/{url parameter name} Modify the value of the {get} replacement before being used

Global GravityView_Merge_Tags::replace_variables ($text, $form=array(), $entry=array(), $url_encode=false, $esc_html=true, $nl2br=true, $format='html', $aux_data=array())
gravityview_do_replace_variables Turn off merge tag variable replacements.
Useful where you want to process variables yourself. We do this in the Math Extension.
Global GravityView_oEmbed::get_handler_regex ()
gravityview_slug Modify the url part for a View. Read the doc
Global GravityView_Plugin::get_default_widget_areas ()
gravityview_widget_active_areas Array of zones available for widgets to be dropped into
Global GravityView_Plugin_Hooks_Gravity_Forms_Coupon::should_hide_coupon_fields ( $entry=array())
gravityview/edit_entry/hide-coupon-fields Should Coupon fields be hidden in Edit Entry?
Global GravityView_Post_Types::get_entry_var_name ()
gravityview_directory_endpoint Change the slug used for single entries
Global GravityView_Post_Types::init_post_types ()

gravityview_is_hierarchical Make GravityView Views hierarchical by returning TRUE This will allow for Views to be nested with Parents and also allows for menu order to be set in the Page Attributes metabox

gravityview_post_type_supports Modify post type support values for gravityview post type

gravityview_direct_access Should Views be directly accessible, or only visible using the shortcode?

gravityview_has_archive Enable Custom Post Type archive?

gravityview_slug Modify the url part for a View.

Global GravityView_Render_Settings::get_cap_choices ( $template_id='', $field_id='', $context='', $input_type='')
gravityview_field_visibility_caps Modify the capabilities shown in the field dropdown
Global GravityView_Render_Settings::get_default_field_options ( $field_type, $template_id, $field_id, $context, $input_type)

gravityview_template_{$field_type}_options Filter the field options by field type. Filter names: gravityview_template_field_options and gravityview_template_widget_options

gravityview_template_{$input_type}_options Filter the field options by input type ($input_type examples: textarea, list, select, etc.)

Global GravityView_Render_Settings::load_type_class ( $field=NULL)



Global GravityView_Roles_Capabilities::has_cap ( $caps_to_check='', $object_id=null, $user_id=null)
gravityview/capabilities/allow_logged_out Shall we allow a cap check for non-logged in users? USE WITH CAUTION!
Global GravityView_Shortcode::get_view_detail ( $detail='')
gravityview/shortcode/detail/{$detail} Filter the detail output returned from [gravityview detail="$detail"]
Global GravityView_Support_Port::maybe_enqueue_script ( $hook)
gravityview/support_port/display Whether to display Support Port
Global GravityView_Support_Port::user_field ( $user)
gravityview/support_port/show_profile_setting Should the "GravityView Support Port" setting be shown on user profiles?
Global GravityView_View::getPaginationCounts ()
gravityview_pagination_counts Modify the displayed pagination numbers
Global GravityView_View::render_widget_hooks ( $view_id)
gravityview/widgets/wrapper_css_class The CSS class applied to the widget container <div>.
Global GravityView_View::renderZone ( $zone='', $atts=array(), $echo=true)
gravityview_table_cells Modify the fields displayed in a table
Global GravityView_View_Data::get_default_args ( $with_details=false, $group=NULL)
gravityview_default_args Modify the default settings for new Views
Global GravityView_View_Data::parse_post_meta ( $post_id)
gravityview/data/parse/meta_keys Define meta keys to parse to check for GravityView shortcode content This is useful when using themes that store content that may contain shortcodes in custom post meta
Global GravityView_Widget::get_default_settings ()
gravityview/widget/enable_custom_class Enable custom CSS class settings for widgets
Global GravityView_Widget::pre_render_frontend ()
gravityview/widget/hide_until_searched Modify whether to hide content until search
Global GravityView_Widget_Page_Links::render_frontend ( $widget_args, $content='', $context='')
gravityview_page_links_args Filter the pagination options
Global GravityView_Widget_Pagination_Info::render_frontend ( $widget_args, $content='', $context='')
gravityview_pagination_output Modify the pagination widget output
Global GravityView_Widget_Poll::get_frontend_settings ( $widget_settings)
gravityview/widget/poll/settings Modify display settings for the poll widget
Global GravityView_Widget_Search::add_datepicker_localization ( $localizations=array(), $view_data=array())
gravityview_datepicker_settings Modify the datepicker settings
Global GravityView_Widget_Search::enqueue_datepicker ()
gravityview_search_datepicker_class Modify the CSS class for the datepicker, used by the CSS class is used by Gravity Forms' javascript to determine the format for the date picker. The gv-datepicker class is required by the GravityView datepicker javascript.
Global GravityView_Widget_Search::filter_entries ( $search_criteria)

gravityview/search-all-split-words Search for each word separately or the whole phrase?

gravityview_date_created_adjust_timezone Whether to adjust the timezone for entries.
date_created is stored in UTC format. Convert search date into UTC (also used on templates/fields/date_created.php)

gravityview/search/mode Set the Search Mode (all or any)

Global GravityView_Widget_Search::get_field_label ( $field, $form_field=array())
gravityview_search_field_label Modify the label for a search field. Supports returning HTML
Global GravityView_Widget_Search::get_search_class ( $custom_class='')
gravityview_search_class Modify the CSS class for the search form
Global GravityView_Widget_Search::get_search_input_types ( $field_id='', $field_type=null)
gravityview/extension/search/input_type Modify the search form input type based on field type
Global GravityView_Widget_Search::render_searchable_fields ( $form_id=null, $current='')
gravityview/search/searchable_fields Modify the fields that are displayed as searchable in the Search Bar dropdown
Global GravityView_Widget_Search::set_search_method ()
gravityview/search/method Modify the search form method (GET / POST)
Global gv_container_class ( $passed_css_class='', $echo=true)
gravityview/render/container/class Modify the CSS class to be added to the wrapper
of a View
Global gv_value ( $entry, $field)
gravityview_empty_value What to display when a field is empty
Global GVCommon::calculate_get_entries_criteria ( $passed_criteria=array(), $form_ids=array())
gravityview_search_operator Modify the search operator for the field (contains, is, isnot, etc)
gravityview_search_criteria Apply final criteria filter (Used by the Advanced Filter extension)
Global GVCommon::get_all_views ( $args=array())
gravityview/get_all_views/params Modify the parameters sent to get all views.
Global GVCommon::get_directory_fields ( $post_id, $apply_filter=true)
gravityview/configuration/fields Filter the View fields' configuration array
Global GVCommon::get_entries ( $form_ids=null, $passed_criteria=null, &$total=null)
gravityview_pre_get_entries Define entries to be used before GFAPI::get_entries() is called
gravityview_entries Modify the array of entries returned to GravityView after it has been fetched from the cache or from GFAPI::get_entries().
Global GVCommon::get_entry ( $entry_slug, $force_allow_ids=false, $check_entry_display=true)
gravityview/common/get_entry/check_entry_display Override whether to check entry display rules against filters
Global GVCommon::get_entry_id ( $entry_id_or_slug='', $force_allow_ids=false)
gravityview_custom_entry_slug Whether to enable and use custom entry slugs.
gravityview_custom_entry_slug_allow_id When using a custom slug, allow access to the entry using the original slug (the Entry ID).
  • If disabled (default), only allow access to an entry using the custom slug value. (example: /entry/custom-slug/ NOT /entry/123/)
  • If enabled, you could access using the custom slug OR the entry id (example: /entry/custom-slug/ OR /entry/123/)
Global GVCommon::get_entry_id_from_slug ( $slug)
gravityview/common/get_entry_id_from_slug/form_id The form ID used to get the custom entry ID. Change this to avoid collisions with data from other forms with the same values and the same field ID.
Global GVCommon::get_form_fields ( $form='', $add_default_properties=false, $include_parent_field=true)
gravityview/common/get_form_fields Modify the form fields shown in the Add Field field picker.
Global GVCommon::get_link_html ( $href='', $anchor_text='', $atts=array())
gravityview/get_link/allowed_atts Modify the attributes that are allowed to be used in generating links
Global GVCommon::get_sortable_fields_array ( $formid, $blacklist=array( 'list', 'textarea'))
gravityview/common/sortable_fields Filter the sortable fields
Global GVCommon::get_users ( $context='change_entry_creator', $args=array())
gravityview/get_users/{$context} There are issues with too many users using get_users() where it breaks the select. We try to keep it at a reasonable number.
$context is where are we using this information (e.g. change_entry_creator, search_widget ..)
Global GVCommon::is_field_numeric ( $form=null, $field='')
gravityview/common/numeric_types What types of fields are numeric?
Global GVCommon::js_encrypt ( $content, $message='')
gravityview/phpenkoder/msg Modify the message shown when Javascript is disabled and an encrypted email field is displayed
Global GVLogic_Shortcode::get_output ()
gravityview/gvlogic/output Modify the [gvlogic] output
Global if (! defined('GRAVITYVIEW_DIR'))
gravityview/fields/custom/content_after Modify Custom Content field output after Merge Tag variables get replaced, before shortcodes get processed
Global if (! defined('GRAVITYVIEW_DIR'))
gravityview/fields/custom/content_after Modify Custom Content field output after Merge Tag variables get replaced, before shortcodes get processed
Global View::from_post ( $post)
gravityview/configuration/fields Filter the View fields' configuration array
Global View::register_post_type ()
gravityview_is_hierarchical Make GravityView Views hierarchical by returning TRUE This will allow for Views to be nested with Parents and also allows for menu order to be set in the Page Attributes metabox
gravityview_post_type_supports Modify post type support values for gravityview post type
gravityview_direct_access Should Views be directly accessible, or only visible using the shortcode?
gravityview_has_archive Enable Custom Post Type archive?
gravityview_slug Modify the url part for a View.
gravityview/post_type/with_front Should the permalink structure be prepended with the front base. (example: if your permalink structure is /blog/, then your links will be: false->/view/, true->/blog/view/). Defaults to true.
Global View_Collection::from_post ( $post)
gravityview/view_collection/from_post/meta_keys Define meta keys to parse to check for GravityView shortcode content.
Global View_Settings::defaults ( $detailed=false, $group=null)
gravityview_default_args Modify the default settings for new Views
gravityview/view/defaults Modify the default settings for new Views