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GravityView_Field_Workflow_Final_Status Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for GravityView_Field_Workflow_Final_Status:

Public Member Functions

 __construct ()
 add_hooks ()
 modify_entry_value_workflow_final_status ($output, $entry, $field_settings, $field)
 Convert the status key with the full status label. More...
 modify_search_filters ($search_fields=array(), GravityView_Widget_Search $widget, $widget_args=array())
 Populate the Final Status Search Bar field dropdown with all the statuses in Gravity Flow. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from GravityView_Field
 __construct ()
 GravityView_Field constructor. More...
 _filter_gform_custom_merge_tags ($custom_merge_tags=array(), $form_id, $fields=array(), $element_id= '')
 Add custom merge tags to merge tag options. More...
 _filter_gform_replace_merge_tags ($text, $form=array(), $entry=array(), $url_encode=false, $esc_html=false)
 Match the merge tag in replacement text for the field. More...
 _filter_sortable_fields ($not_sortable)
 Use field settings to modify whether a field is sortable. More...
 add_entry_meta ($entry_meta)
 Add the custom entry meta key to make it searchable and sortable. More...
 add_field_support ($key= '', &$field_options)
 add_sortable_field ($fields)
 Add the field to the Filter & Sort available fields. More...
 field_options ($field_options, $template_id, $field_id, $context, $input_type)
 Tap in here to modify field options. More...
 replace_merge_tag ($matches=array(), $text= '', $form=array(), $entry=array(), $url_encode=false, $esc_html=false)
 Run GravityView filters when using GFCommon::replace_variables() More...
 set_default_search_label ($label= '', $gf_field=null, $field=array())
 Allow setting a default search label for search fields based on the field type. More...

Data Fields

 $group = 'meta'
 $name = 'workflow_final_status'
- Data Fields inherited from GravityView_Field
 $contexts = array( 'single', 'multiple', 'edit', 'export' )
 $entry_meta_is_default_column = false
 $entry_meta_key = null
 $entry_meta_update_callback = null
 standard, advanced, post, pricing, meta, gravityview More...
 boolean Is field content number-based? More...
 $is_searchable = true
 $is_sortable = true
 boolean Can the field be sorted in search? More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from GravityView_Field
 custom_merge_tags ($form=array(), $fields=array())
 Add custom Merge Tags to Merge Tag options, if custom Merge Tags exist. More...
 is_choice_value_enabled ()
 Check whether the enableChoiceValue flag is set for a GF field. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from GravityView_Field
 $_custom_merge_tag = false
 $_field_id = ''
 $_field_options = array()

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( )

Member Function Documentation

add_hooks ( )

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Referenced by __construct().

modify_entry_value_workflow_final_status (   $output,

Convert the status key with the full status label.

Uses custom labels, if set.


string$outputHTML value output
array$entryThe GF entry array
array$field_settingsSettings for the particular GV field
array$fieldCurrent field being displayed
string If Gravity Flow not found, or entry not processed yet, returns initial value. Otherwise, returns name of workflow step.

Definition at line 42 of file class-gravityview-field-workflow_final_status.php.

References $output.

modify_search_filters (   $search_fields = array(),
GravityView_Widget_Search  $widget,
  $widget_args = array() 

Populate the Final Status Search Bar field dropdown with all the statuses in Gravity Flow.


Definition at line 63 of file class-gravityview-field-workflow_final_status.php.

References $search_field, and GravityView_Plugin_Hooks_Gravity_Flow\get_status_options().

Field Documentation

$group = 'meta'
$name = 'workflow_final_status'

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