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GravityView_Default_Template_Table Class Reference

GravityView_Default_Template_Table class. More...

Inheritance diagram for GravityView_Default_Template_Table:
GravityView_Template GravityView_Preset_Business_Data GravityView_Preset_Issue_Tracker GravityView_Preset_Resume_Board

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from GravityView_Template
 __construct ($id, $settings=array(), $field_options=array(), $areas=array())
 assign_active_areas ($areas, $template= '', $context= 'directory')
 Assign active areas (for admin configuration) More...
 assign_field_options ($field_options, $template_id, $field_id=NULL, $context= 'directory')
 Assign template specific field options. More...
 assign_fields_xml ($xml= '', $template= '')
 Set the Gravity Forms import form by using the preset_fields field defined in the template. More...
 assign_form_xml ($xml= '', $template= '')
 Set the Gravity Forms import form information by using the preset_form field defined in the template. More...
 assign_view_slug ($default, $context)
 Assign the template slug when loading the presentation template (frontend) More...
 get_active_areas ($context)
 register_styles ()
 If the template has a CSS file defined in the css_source setting, register it It will be registered using gravityview_style_{template_id} format. More...
 register_template ($templates)
 Register the template to display in the admin. More...
- Data Fields inherited from GravityView_Template

Detailed Description

GravityView_Default_Template_Table class.

Defines Table(default) template

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