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Static Public Member Functions
Entry Class Reference

The base Entry class. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static add_rewrite_endpoint ()
 Adds the necessary rewrites for single Entries. More...
static get_endpoint_name ()
 Return the endpoint name for a single Entry. More...

Detailed Description

The base Entry class.

Contains all entry data and some processing and logic rules.

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Member Function Documentation

static add_rewrite_endpoint ( )

Adds the necessary rewrites for single Entries.

Let's make sure the endpoint array is not polluted.

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static get_endpoint_name ( )

Return the endpoint name for a single Entry.

Also used as the query_var for the time being.

Runs Filter:
gravityview_directory_endpoint Change the slug used for single entries
[in,out]string$endpointSlug to use when accessing single entry. Default: entry

Definition at line 41 of file class-gv-entry.php.

Referenced by GravityView_API\entry_link(), GravityView_oEmbed\get_handler_regex(), and GravityView_frontend\is_single_entry().

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